My secret to gain 2.5CM of penis size each week

Published on Friday the 1st of March | Written by: Sexinton Post

Im sorry I have not written any posts on my blog for a few days. In fact I'll tell you my incredible story, I found a penis enlargement method that works, and I have already gained over 2.5 CM in just 1 week!

You know, I'm tough with women (I'm macho and I claim it) because they have not always been nice with me, regarding the size of my penis. It's not really small, but not really big either. Two weeks ago, a girl has been more cruel than others. I had to take my revenge.

Here is the story
I got a date with a girl, really cute and not too dumb, I met her on an app on my phone. Nice girl, fearless, manager in a Perfumery store in Confluence mall. A tall blonde with class, not bad.

The date went well. Good food in a brewery, a bit drunk, we laugh, we spent a good time.

She had made me understand that she wanted me, so we decided to go to her appartment . Nice little home sweet home, not far from the main square, typical arrangement of the uncomplexed thirties. I like.

She dragged me to her room and went to the bathroom a few minutes. I settled comfortably, then we began to caress, the tension was rising. His hands glided over my body and slowly approached my crotch. She is about to suck me when, once my pants was down, she started to laugh .

"I had never seen such a small one ! Are you sure you're hot ?"she said, laughing...

I felt terribly humiliated. Yes, I was hard. At lease, my ex gf was pretending. I took my stuff and I ran away.

It was the trigger, it must never again happen to me. I had to do somthing and solve my problem, I had to find a way to enlarge my penis.

And I found. This is the plan

During the rest of the night I searched the internet various methods to enlarge the penis. Creams, penis pumps, ebooks... Bullshits. I did not believe. Surgery? Very expensive and very painful. No thank you. They even make patches. Hey guys, patches are made to stop smoking, okay ? You fools.

The worst part is that all these fakes cures are sold by companies based in some weird countries. USA if you're lucky, eastern europe if you're not.

I had no confidence. I was about to give up when I did one last search for capsules.

Thanks to Google, I found MALE PERF, natural pills with very good reviews.

Okay let's see, sold by Virilbooster, UK online store with secured payment... Wait, UK online store? Bingo!

I clicked an ad explaning the benefits of the plants, as it is was a natural product without any chemical stuff... I ordered 2 boxes through their online secure page. I ordered on Saturday night and received my boxes on Tuesday. Wow, fast. And discreet by the way, there's nothing special on the packages. I told my neighbor that I received my new smartphone and some accessories, he trusted me.

Then it's really simple: I took 2 capsules per day. That's it. OK, they also give a free access to a private online coaching website, with tips and tricks to speed up the results. I checked it after dinner, quietly, it's a 10 minutes or so task every day. So simple !

If I understand the principle of MALE PERF correctly, plants are selected for their effects on blood flow in the penis. More blood, means a bigger cock. It also effects the muscles at the base, meaningk you last longer during sex. Ok I guess it must be a little more complex than that, but basically you get the idea.

And you know the result: 2.5 CM every week

Trust me, this is the truth. 8 days after I started the cure, I took my ruler, and I said HOLY SHIT! I got 1 inch more, I did not believed it! Yeah, I felt it was longer, but I thought it was just me. Yes, my penis is growing!

And to finish...

So last week, I called Laura (yeah, finally I give you the name of this bitch, Laura, who works at the mall Confluence), I chatted a lot and she finally agreed to date one more time, "as friends". Last Saturday we went to a pub, Latina ambiant, dancing ... It was hot. Suddenly she touched me, and stopped dancing immediately. She looked at me in disbelief and asked:

"Are you kidding me ? What's this all about ? You put an anvil in your pants?"

I laughed and put her hands on my crotch, she was shocked . She understood that I was not the same man, and started to be so nice with me.... She wanted me to fuck her.

I looked her in the eyes, I laughed out loud, and I left, leaving her alone with her glass. It will teach you good manners.

Now, I have a growing penis, and I'll be sure to enjoy my weekend. I definitely recommend you to take these very MALE PERF capsules.

I bought MALE PERF on this website, click here to be sure to get the discount
Oh yeah, I understand your anger. Finally, she helped you, without her you would never have discovered these capsules! There's a discount so I bought two boxes!
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Great testomny dude thx
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It's funny, my brother told me the other day that it took some 3 weeks ago and was very happy with the result.
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It's awesome ! Ill order some for my bf
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I take this maleperf since 2 weeks and I can guarantee that the effect is impressive. It's crazy how fast it works!
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Hello, I ordered a pack for my boyfriend and I cannot wait to receive it !!
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I also want to give my testimony. All is true!
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Thank you for the tip. I ordered a pack for my boyfriend. Lol it's a miracle. His erections are huge and super long lasting ...
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lol the girl who discovers she lost the perfect "friends with benefits". dude continues like this I love your blog
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I ordered a box and I assure you it is fully functional. I had some problems in bed but Everything is fine now! Thank you!
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I have heard about these pills too. It works and it is quite cheap.
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My girlfriend loves ... She asked me what was happening, she thought it was her dildo!
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How much does it cost?
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I ve heard of these pills ... My husband used them for a while ... he fucks me deeply now, I love being his bitch ;)
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These pills are great. They work instantly. It's just perfect.
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That's interesting.
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Maybe I should order some for my husband. I've heard about it, but after all these positive feedbacks, I think I'll buy now ... CANT WAIT ;)
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